Wednesday, January 03, 2007

naraiyUril kandEnE

mAnkondathOl mArvinmANIyAyi
mAvalimaN thAnkondu thAlAl alantha perumAnai
thEnkondasAral thiruvEnkadaththAnai
nAn senRu nAdi naraiyUril kandEnE
-Peria Thirumozhi, 6.8.1

Above is the picture taken during procession. On the left side thAyar on Anna vahanam and on the right emeperumAn on KalGaruda vahanam.

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  1. This is quite beautiful. Thanks for posting about the Thirunaraiyur Naachchiyaar temple. In my opinion this is one of the grandest albeit least well known Divyadesams. Wish more people visited here.