Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sri Vanjulavalli Thayar sametha Sri Srinivasa Perumal

Welcome to this blog site. AdiyEn posted some of the pictures taken during KAL GARUDA SEVAI, Margazhi 26-Dec-06 at Nachiyar Koil. The above picture is Sri Vanjulavalli Thayar on Anna Vahanam. In this divyadesam Nachiyar (Thayar) is given importance in all aspects. During the utsavam, Thayar in Anna vahanam proceeds first, then follows the emperumAn Naraiyur nambi on KalGaruda vahanam. This reveals the two important facts:

1) As per the promise made by the Perumal with Thayar's father MEdhAvi rishi, his daughter - Vanjulavalli thayar should be given importance in all aspects. Hence she proceeds first, even during utsavams. Normally in other divyadesams, thayar woudn't come out of the temple.
2) Eventhough, Garudan can move faster than the Anna vahanam, it goes beyond Annam due to its heavy weight since the weight of KalGarudan grows exponentially when moved away from Garbhagraham. This reveals that, when JeevAtma moves away from emprumAn, his/her pApam/puNyam (karma) will also grows which is a heavy burden to carry out, that ultimately leads to next birth (punarabhi Jananam). Hence with no way, surrender into HIS divine lotus feet!

Please see the next, and enjoy the anubhavam of being in KalGaruda Sevai.


  1. First time here. I am very impressed and I should say the blog is presented beautifully with some great pictures and information. Great work and keep it going.


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    i am looking for the phone number of the temple ( Nachiar Kovil). If you have the temple no. could you pls send it to my email id

    Very thankful to you for presenting such wonderful pictures and the info.

  3. thank you for the very useful post....